The Crew


Captain Keith Love

Captain Keith Love is a world class Spearfisherman, both with scuba and free diving. He holds multiple state and world records to his credit. As well as 10 years of victories in gulf coast competitions including Hell Diver Rodeo King, Biggest fish at the Bluewater World Cup, Champion Skindiver, and Top diver for the Salty Catch and LA freedive championship, for multiple years. He is extremely dedicated to the sport of spearfishing learning from the young age of 12 he has mastered an extensive knowledge fish, weather, location, and techniques which allows our clients to target the best of the best. 


Captain Blake Kutach

Blake is originally from a Small town in Texas. Soon after high school he joined the navy. He has lived in San Diego for 8 years Now. He strives to do everything the best he possibly can. He isnt satisfied unless we have the biggest fish at the docks at the end of the day.


We will strive to get you the best possible fish, and do it safely and enjoyable.